“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” (Author: Pulitzer Prize winning historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

What is LOH?
What is the Ladies Of Harley and why should I become a member? The LOH was originally established to encourage women to become more active members of the National Harley Owners Group (HOG) and their local chapters as both riders and passengers. According to the most recent Motorcycle Industry Council’s latest Motorcycle Owner Survey conducted back in 2014, women riders accounted for 14% of the total motorcycle riding population in the United States. Yes, that’s still a small minority, but the trend is clearly upwards and the data is now four years old! In 1998, the percentage was about 8%. In 2003, it was 10%.
And these numbers only include women riding their own bikes! By joining LOH, you will enjoy an even greater sense of belonging because you will be a part of the National HOG as well as the local chapter and the LOH family. Talk about triple the benefits…!

How to Join LOH
The LOH is not a separate organization within HOG or the DC/CC; it is an additional benefit of your HOG membership. LOH is free of charge to active HOG members, but it is not automatic. This additional benefit is offered by the National HOG for women who are Full, Full Life, Associate, or Associate Life Members. When you sign up for your National HOG membership, you can participate by checking the little box on the HOG Member Enrollment Form. If you already have an active National HOG membership you may call 1.800.CLUB.HOG at any time to add this option. The best reasons to check that box or make that phone call are because LOH offers its members a special embroidered patch and pin the first year of membership, and LOH is imprinted on your membership card. And with each renewal year, members receive a LOH pin indicating the current year of membership.
Once you join the National HOG, you may then join your local chapter. If you would like to join, please contact our LOH Officer by email to: [email protected]

LOH Purpose
According to the National HOG, the purpose of LOH is to not only support women motorcyclists, but also identify and address the special needs and requests of women motorcyclists, provide a source of information for women with questions regarding the sport and to provide activities for women motorcyclists.
Additionally, the purpose of the DC/CC Ladies of Harley is to organize and promote activities and adventures related to motorcycling for the enjoyment of all chapter members and their families. We encourage ALL women to get more involved with the chapter and activities in general, and whether you ride two-up (as a passenger) or ride your own bike, please join us in the upcoming fun and exciting chapter events. Again, you do not have to ride your own bike to become a LOH member. If you are interested in socializing, riding, and volunteering with a diverse, supportive, and never boring group of Lady Bikers and Passengers, then come join the Fun with the Fabulous Ladies of LOH!

⦁ Foster a comfortable environment in which both women riders and passengers can feel comfortable and of equal value to the chapter.
⦁ Encourage participation from all women in all chapter events.
⦁ Encourage men to be supportive of women riders and passengers so that both feel comfortable helping and receiving help from one another.
⦁ All ladies are welcome to participate in and contribute to the planning of events and activities. 


Regular Meetings *check the calendar for date and time*